The Cryo-Chamber

(whirring & wooshing sounds)
What’s up? What year is it? Is it working yet?!

I haven’t been by in quite some time, saw the giveaways on FB so I figured I’d stop in to check on my toon in cryostasis. How’s the gang? I’m seeing a few new faces, some of the one’s still wandering the halls it seems.

Me? I’ve checked in a time or two, last time I tried to fly I ship I got nailed for not taking off from the port, dang ship didn’t have any fuel to fly with in the first place. Nothing like being labelled a criminal simply for waking up and trying to figure things out. Still, I’ve updated my PC rig this year to a new higher-end and paid the ransom to free up an RTX3080 to plug in. With a couple of weeks vacation coming up around Xmas, I’m wondering if I should dust off the ship and give her another try? I’d definitely need to learn to do stuff all over again, think it’s worth the trouble or just turn the timer on the cryo chamber for another 6 years and see if it’s working by then?

Regardless how it goes, Hey players!

Ships still crash too easily for me. The cost of trying to learn is too high for me yet.

Well there’s an interesting question to ask, is there a safe place to learn the game? Your personal hangar was supposed to be that place in the early days, I believe it’s just become a place to decorate now or was last time I logged into the 'verse.

You can go to the Arena Commander and set it to Free Fly in a solo mode and spend some time landing and taking off from the 4 floating landing pads there, as well as practice just flying around obstacles like asteroids that are floating in the area.
I recommend it actually so that you can learn to control your ship in a “safe space”

I 2nd this, don’t fly in the PU until you’re comfortable both flying free and dogfighting in Arena Commander.

Thanks for the reminder and tips. Just installed a new dedicated SSD for SC and setting that up now and should be in 'verse soon. Would be nice to get excited about this game again. Lot’s to do, Voice Commander to re-learn and setup, controls, etc. Might be walking about the stations long before anything else. How’s the space community out there? Gank squads at every turn or is it a fairly civil experience? Any sliders in game yet for other user interactions?

While I don’t actually play, I read the social media. Not much in the “gank squad” stuff, lots of people doing goofy shit though, very much “I wonder if that fits inside this” or “I bet I can jump my ground vehicle out of this ship and land it in that ship while both are trying to land on the planet”. The one thing I’ve been tempted to come back for is the Rally, the planetary race, that looks like a lot of fun and real community content.

I was part of the team that ran “official” security for it last year.
We had a LOT of servers that were dedicated to the race and teams of security on each server.

Also had CIG support to help us so that was pretty awesome.
I would highly recommend getting involved as it is a very fun and exciting event.
Long sometimes, lots of wait times where you do nothing, sure, but overall a lot of fun.

I don’t see any ganking, reasonably civil. Still surprised that every time I log in, I instantly see 1 or 2 players that are clearly human (i.e. not NPC) but no one messes with you (in my experience). Have some weird bugs, even in 3.16 live, such as the Terrapin just blowing up for no reason, and often refusing to QT to a destination, but I’ve done a lot of the delivery missions just to tool around and see some of the planet side stations in the Avenger Titan and it’s been a lot of fun.

Going to try some of the in-atmo bounties today, although a little worried because it’s still so easy to lose all your gear if a bug smashes you.

Don’t think there will now ever be sliders for anything but I think if you set Microtech as your home base and just stick to the ‘safer’ missions for now (i.e. not mercenary or explosive deliveries!) you should be all good. I love taking out a favourite ship and just being in the 'verse.