The all new 300 series is lookin gooood

I am loving the look of this. Can’t wait to see it come to the verse.

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Nice design.

You can see the similarity of the lines to the 85X in that first shot.

That looks ready for atmosphere. Is that what it’s for?

Still don’t like the “spoiler” in the back. Otherwise that’s a damn fine looking ship. Finally…

Some nice pics here:

Link from:

Looking great.
I may have mentioned this already, but at last year’s CitizenCon I had the chance to talk with the developer who is reworking the 300 series. He was pretty excited about making it a viable ship again. It has been in pretty bad shape for a long time. Anyway, he showed me some early work he had done from pics on his phone. That was in October, and these shots are from the Anniversary event a month and a half later. Can’t wait to see the real deal soon in 3.5!

Love it, glad I kept mine :slight_smile:

So I flew the 300 last night for the first time since it was updated.
I have to say, I am glad I still own one. This is a nice little ship, perfect for solo cruising about the verse and still nimble and punchy enough to be a strong fighter.

Well done on this one. Can’t wait to see the variants later this month.

Yup, I was always in love with the 325, really looking forward to the remake.