Thank You

Hi all,

Thank you for the invite to the guild. Now to keep an eye out for folks online to grab the guild tag.

Thanks again.


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Any officer or member of the help can do invite. Is your toon’s name Elbrin?

Hello and well met,

Yes sir. My list of the Usual Suspects is as follows:

  • Elbrin - Gnome Illy
  • Keysser - Bubblehead Necro
  • Lucefin - Rat Assassin
  • Elowinn - Half-Elf Swashy

Additionally, my templar, Pally, and Bruiser are locked behind the Silver/Vetran restrictions. I think I have a Veteran reward to unlock a fifth spot.

Elbrin is the highest at level 79 and I think Keysser is second but everyone is below level 80. Things were different years ago. I think the cap was 80 when I left, maybe 85. I forget.

Elbrin shows up being in the battlegrounds, not a good idea to leave them there when you log.

I logged off in the guild hall.

At least I thought I did. I hit a portal that popped me into arena but I left right away.

I will check in a few minutes.

Everything seems fine now.