Tera Online?

Hello, I’m new here so probably posting in the wrong place, but I joined OTG cause a co-worker told me about this guild. I play Tera Online, but my current guild there has seen a major decline. I am not much of a solo player so hoping OTG has a active guild on Tera. SOO, my question is, does OTG have a active guild on Tera Online??

Hullo Demoranaut!
I found this thread from a couple of months ago, but I don’t know how big the presence in TERA is at the moment. I love this guild, since nearly everyone is respectful and if there is an impasse, there is usually an “agree to disagree” moment and not a flame war. I can’t express how much I value that here.
I’m glad that you made it to OTG and I’ll see you at work!

Tera shut down today :(. Been playing on a Private server Memna. if anyone is interested.