Tennocon Baro Relay

The Tennocon Baro Relay (aka every sparkly thing he sells in stock) will be up from July 6th @ 11 a.m. EST to July 13th @ 11 a.m. EST for anyone who buys a digital pack (or actual con ticket of any level).

I myself need something like 12,000 ducets to buy everything I am missing from Leyzar’s priority 1 and 2 lists. As I have a shortage of relics I’m running a bunch of solo Hepit and Ukko runs to get my stock up, and am going to make as many as I can Exceptional for the best ducet efficiency. That said, I’d much rather run fissures with clan mates. I have weird hours compared to the norm, but if you are on and spot me in Discord and want to run just give me a shout and I’ll gladly run fissues.

Also for anyone wanting platinum and findibg themselves in the enviable position of having more prime parts than they need, I am more than happy to pay you the standard prime junk rate to clean out your overflowing closets for some shiny plat (I have over 4k that is only being used as a pillow by Ordis) so please sell to me first before trade chat! I’m in Discord lots during the weekends if you don’t see me during the week.