Tempest Heart: Neishatun Round Table

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight. I hope everyone got some good loot on the front end of that instance and had some fun. I wanted to try to keep our discussions and ideas centralized and have a sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Please use this thread to provide any feedback, ideas, or suggestions for strategy pertaining to Neishatun the second to the last boss in Tempest Heart.

Here’s what we did that worked. The fight is a battle of attrition.

Our melee went range and no one stayed in melee. Catelyn equipped a bow and scagss went VG. They stayed specced for burst melee dps. The group stayed in a sorta box formation at disntance and paid very close attention to sigils and moved out and back togetehr. This forced the orbs to spawn near them and they got them all down without issue. The key is avoiding flame stacks from circles and always going to where the adds spawn in that phase as soon as the circles go down. Trust it will be vacant and it will.

It took a lot of different lets try this lets try that before we got that to work. A stacked range group defintley would have an easier time on this.

Non exploit mechanic for completely avoiding fire circles in Nesh during the phases where adds spawn. Haven’t tested this yet but based on my clears it makes sense. I always wondered why the circle locations were forgiving in some instances and it looks like its because we were killing the adds.

Summary of Combat Mechanics and Effective Strategy

I’m including an aggregate comprehensive explanation of everything I’ve learned now killing this boss as a Tank, DPS, and a Healer.

There are four basic mechanics to master in the first part of this fight:

  • Power Shot and Rapid Shot are bow attacks where the boss turns to its target. Places a large colorful sigil over their head and then either after short period starts shooting arrows or unleashes a powerful attack that commonly will kill someone who doesn’t respond and move. Everyone has to help with this. We’ve seen it bug and the person who is targeted cant see the sigil. We’ve seen people so focused they miss it. Melee cant see it on range so they commonly can get taken out by it when its on range. Same thing at range if someone behind you gets it its hard to see.

    • You need to be playing zoomed out as far as you can into third person for this fight. It really helps with many mechanics on many fight but especially here. As soon as you see the sigil you need to be dodging away from others and where you were standing to begin with. The ability will target where you were. Don’t wait to find out if its rapid shot or the power shot.
  • Tail Whip and End over End slam. (Not actual attack names) The boss will do a very wide tail swip starting from her left shoulder around behind her to her right shoulder. She also when charging the tank will run at the tank and do either the tail whip described above or an end over end attack that has a slam component. The slam can knock players out from full to dead in some cases.

    • The tailwhip isn’t that big of a deal. Use your potions. Pop a hearty meal. Step back wait for a heal. The big danger is getting knocked off the platform. Knowing the direction the tailwhip happens you can position yourself so you don’t ever have a chance of being knocked off the platform. If she’s tanked facing out or adjacent a tangent of the platform just dps behind her in the middle or on the inside shoulder.

    • The slam on the other hand only happens if the primary threat target is too far away. This typically happens right after a phase shift. She will charge the tank if he is too far away and either flip end over end slamming the tank or do a tailswip. Eitherway your usually near an edge of the platform and normally clumped up. DPS and the Healer MUST be aware the boss is up and where the tank is. Tank the otehr way around. Try to move away from the group. Nesh tends to track you if you move so move as soon as you can away from your group.

Every 25% health Nesh is going to go under ground at 25% health you don’t have any adds spawn so the pattern for where the fire rings can be unpredicatable but once adds spawn the fire rings based on recenly accumulated knowledge is VERY predictable.

  • On the first fire rings phase at 75% health. Ideally your group is fighting towards the middle of the platform so everyone has time to find a safe spot when he submerges. As soon as you get to a safe spot turn around and face the middle. Wait for the glowing inner circle in the middle fire circle to expand to the edge. When it reaches the edge it will show a flare up of flame but the ring doesn’t immediately go away. As soon as you see the ring flare, run to the center. DO NOT wait to see if the spot you are in is safe, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t wearing light armor. Heavy you wont have time to run across if your current spot isnt safe. Immediatley look for a safe spot run to it with extra time because your now closer from middle and rinse and repeat. There really is no reason anyone should get a flame tick in this phase if your following this strategy.

  • For the 50% and 75% fire circles adds spawn. The fire won’t spawn where adds are alive. We used to think where they were was safe which was part true if you were able to get there and keep them there. But this was false. What actually happens is fire wont spawn in one of the rings the add is alive in. So the strategy here is to get together as a group and tank the adds as best you can. you can kill some but dont kill them all. This neutralizes the flame ring mechanics at 50% and 75% health.

When you exit the fire phase at 75%/50%/25% percent health. The boss re-emerges after 5 sets of circles I believe. He generally is away from the group as mentioned above stay away from the tank. But now starting after 75% health he summons a orb somewhere in the room. You have a set amount of time to destroy it before it detonates applying a stack of the fire dot. The orb has a growing circle in the middle that indicates how much time is left before detonation. It always spawns very closet to a player and typically it will choose a range player. It seems to favor whoever is furthest from everyone else for some reason.

  • Strategically here the entire group of players who aren’t in melee can’t be at max range. They need to be skirting the tail whip range on his melee attack AND they need to be clumped up relatively close. This makes the power shot harder to avoid but if you don’t do this the orbs can be very hard to DPS in time. Its very important for someone to pay attention and remind people to group up.
  • Tanks: Personally I run a blunderbuss on this fight which hinders grouping up the adds but it helps with the orb. DO NOT drag the boss to the orb and melee attack. You will kill your DPS 80% of the time. With a blundrbuss however you can dps at mid range without fear of getting your folks killed and help.
  • DPS: Switch to more bursty melee dps weapons if you have them. Bow rapier users should be moving into melee with rapier, same for spear.
  • Everyone: needs to pay attention for powershot and call it if they see it asap. I’ve seen whole groups whiled out on one power shot during orbs.
  • Killing an orb in a firce circle (which should be fixed soon) is more important than avoiding the fire circle. It’s a matter of what is better for the group. Five players each getting a stack from the Orb detonating or 2-3 melee DPS getting it from the fire circle. They will be returning up to the healing circles by the tank which makes them easier to keep up. DPS the ORB is the priority.