Technical upgrades for my pc

Today, I purchased upgrades for my pc. My technician will receive them tomorrow and hopefully, I shall be back up and running by tomorrow evening at the earliest or Thursday mid-day, if all goes without issue.

Noticed some issues recently but since my motherboard and processor are older it stands to reason there would come a time I needed to replace them. Since the lightening strike some years ago, my internet connector on the back of the motherboard did not work so we had to install a work around (pain in the neck) for me to connect. Its been working just fine but the motherboard may have experienced a bit of damage that did not prevent it from running but over time would deteriorate.

Anyway here are the pieces I picked up:


That should run very nice!

Thanks for the heads up and congrats! Looks awesome. :slight_smile:

Thank you. That was the big question my technician and I were discussing. I know my current rig runs good, but its showing its age in odd ways. Nothing specific, mind you, but I raid in Wow and there are times I feel things are bit off. No one else seems to notice, so I put it down to something not working up to par on my setup.

Was always worried after that lightening strike even though my technician felt it seems to have survived pretty well, but he agrees that sometimes things just age and need replacing. I’ve managed to get decent prices whenever I purchase new hardware, and this time was no different. Although I probably could have gotten more of a discount during the last holiday specials, I’m happy considering I had a budget set aside for $1k overall (including labor).

My technician usually gives me a great discount because I always donate the used parts to his testing lab anyway. That’s a win-win between us for sure.

Time to put on your long coat on and find a companion. There’s something more to this than meets the eye.

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I’m afraid I am not catching the reference here. :confused: So I blew up the receipt so I could see which digits you circled and now I see…lol


Dr. Who reference is what I see now. Is this what you were alluding to?

it was hard to tell for sure because of the chameleon circuit

but now that i see five days have suddenly passed while I was staring at it, I’m certain it is!

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