Tech Help from anyone Window 10 games keep going to windowed mode

I am having a hell of a time. this week for some reason my games, does not matter what game, will go from full screen to windowed mode randomly. It has happened on ME:A, LotRo, DA:I, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Remnant, The Outer Worlds, ESO, SWtoR. Every game.
I even tried to go back a version on Geforce driver because it seemed to of happened near when I updated it. I’ve turned off all my Virus while games running, and every program I could. And it is still happening. I have been all over the internet and I can not seem to find any answers or help! Most post that come close are several years old, most from 2017.
So ANY help would be Much much appreciated.
Thank you

Bad keyboard maybe?

No, only couple months old, and it works great… but you gave me an idea, maybe KB driver or Corsair update did it.

Looks like it was the Corsair program iCUE. Want to be updated and I would not do it, so it decided to mess with my system by sending out interrupts but because I had notifications off no messages just interrupts that caused Windows 10 to interrupt any program opened in a window. So after update seems to be working. Keeping fingers crossed, played a little ME:A, LotRo and ESO with no interrupts. Hopefully this continues lol.
Thinks to your poste Jendai, made me look at something different. Thanks :smiley:


Be very careful with all the updates for iCUE, I had to roll back to the 2.0 version when the 3.x version completely messed up my system. Mouse would randomly move or randomly activate buttons, keyboard would get keys ‘stuck’, and the service it installed (unasked for) managed to slow my whole computer to a crawl.

I honestly ditched my corsair stuff because of the iCUE issues, I like my logitech M/K.