Teaming up for Arktos labs,raids or nukes

Greetings fellow OTGers,

I am still playing FO76 almost everyday. I would like to team up with some of you and either get help or help others with raids and other in game content. I see we have some people that I never see on Discord , but are in game. If you see this add me to your friends list on discord…MajorLithium#4991 . I live in the west coast area so I play on PST time,but I do get up early on Saturdays and Sundays and am ready to go for raids and such not.

The new Vault 94 raids will require 4 people to complete . Hit me up and Ill be glad to help or get help.


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I am so in Jimmy_nuggets on your friends list already.


Saturday at 11 AM? EST

I can’t do Saturdays as I pick my dad up and take him to lunch every Saturday.

I am on M-F 6-830ish pm pst

Sat. On and off all day from 6am to 9pm
Sun I am on from 6 am ish to 4 off and on.

I usually sit in the FO76 Lobby on OTG Discord during these times

saturday is usually when I can actually spend enough time to finish a raid

Don’t let me hold you back. If everyone can do Saturday I’ll be there in spirit. My dads up there in age and doesn’t get out except when I take him.