Tazavesh Hardmode - Mount

Well we did it! Hardmode Tazavesh - Madness, Aaril, Dhyana, Lejeune and Nykolas



nice job guys!

Sheesh, you didn’t even spell my hunter’s name right, Kylroy! So hard to get good help these days. Thanks again, guys, it was lots of fun.


Wow, do you have a larger photo? I can hardly see who is who. So I gather all members of the team get the mount drop on the same run?

Nice job!!


Nice Job!

Wow, that dungeon looks amazing. I just finished watching a video that was recently put up showing the hardmode fights…that is really busy.

That dungeon looks like it would be fun to do although I would rather do regular to get a feel for it. Not sure I would be up to a hardmode version though.

Bigger image as requested.
Left to Right: Lejeune (Killroy), Aaril (Dude), Nykolas (Kylroy), Madness (Craziness) & Dhyana (Mosselyn)


We spent 3 plus hours in there recently figuring everything out, got the last boss to 1% twice but had to call it as it was super late for everyone (2-3am), it went much better this time about 1.5-2 hours. You have to complete it in a single session.

Also gave us an achievement.



It’s a fun dungeon. It’s pretty mechanics-heavy, so I definitely wouldn’t start with hard mode. :slight_smile: Some of the fights aren’t much harder, but some are.

It’s also really long right now (8 bosses). The first few times I did it, not long after it was added, my groups either didn’t make it to the end or came back a second day to finish it. If you wait until they split it like they did Mechagon, you’ll be able to run just 1/2 at a time. Or so I assume. I’d expect 9.1.5 or 9.2 to do that.

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Thanks for that info Moss. :grinning:

This is so awesome!!! Congrats to all of you! That mount is super cool!

(Yes, I used all “!!!”. Totally well-deserved!)

So who is going to send me the mount? I’m wounded yanno!


Sweet … you all definitly earned it!

There’s another mount that is just a recolor of the cheev mount and drops off the last boss. I actually got it on that run. It’s not clear if it only drops in hard mode or not, but if not then it should still be attainable after they split the dungeon.

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Great info there Moss, thanks… :grinning: