just out of curiosity wondering if anybody else loves to read tarot, not just for fun tho, but really also love reading the cards.

I do! I’ve been reading tarot since 1986. What’s your deck of choice?

thats amazing, i have been reading tarot since im 15 or so. my favorite deck is thoth tarot. whats yours?

You’re going the Crowley route, i see. Nice. I’ve known a number of people who’ve preferred that deck. I used the Royal Fez Moroccan deck for many years until i realized that having to know the meanings of all the esoteric symbolism (or continually referring to books) was keeping me in my head and away from my intuition. So, i went in search of a deck that would do the opposite and found Psycards - a Jungian deck of archetypes - which i’ve been using ever since.

its like learning a language of symbolism - love pictures of the thoth deck. just took me 5 reads of the guidebook to get a firm grasp of what crowley wrote, but worth it. the study and practice of tarot is my big life passion aside from gaming of course.

Nice :slight_smile: I’m high functioning autistic and highly sensitive, so i really appreciate having a deck of archetypes rather than symbols - it makes things simpler and more feely for me, which is the key to my sanity.

One of the main reasons i love doing card readings is that each one is proof of the existence of “magic”, for lack of a better term - a mysterious, organizing force outside the realm of what science can understand.

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I did a couple readings for fun years ago but mostly I am into the symbology and meaning of the cards and the different varieties. Was buying different decks for the art for awhile and have some stashed away. Even made a tabletop roleplaying system based on the cards at one point. :smiley:

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i do agree the tarot is beautifully lively. allowing me to read for someone is a short way to hate me for most people, so i would not recommend.
would surely be fun to check out a tarot-based rpg for an introductionary one-shot adventure.

People hate you after you read for them? Ouch.

I never jived with the positive/negative perspective on upright/reversed cards, so when I read a book where the author offered an outer/inner perspective on them, I jumped on it and have used it to great effect ever since.

I tried a predictive reading for myself once - the next 12 months - and regretted it the entire year. This was before I found the outer/inner perspective, so I spent the whole year worrying about the bad things that were supposed to happen. No bueno. I’ve never done another predictive reading for myself or anyone else.

oh i know what you mean and honestly it is rare you found out the limit of comfort.

im studious and the tarot is my favorite book in life ;D so i love to read deeply, even if its uncomfy, or especially if its uncomfy, that is usually the stuff that helps most.

the reversing of cards never sit well with me, the cards themselves have poles of expression that reveal according to their position in the spread, no point in mixing them so they can be drawn reversed.
^^ or in gamer terms - noobs flip the cards upside down.
its alright everybody can do as they like. :heart:

haha. yeah, as i used to say, beware the easy road.
it sounds like you live much as i do, following the deep path wherever it leads, regardless of what it brings. on such a path, comfort is irrelevant.

i use a spread that my life taught me and having reversed cards that reference inner as opposed to outer processes works really well, especially with the deck i use. it adds a level of depth and complexity that noobs wouldn’t understand. :slight_smile:

it’s rare for me to find people who are anywhere near as deep as i am. it’s nice to meet you.

so it seems i was wrong - flipping cards has nothing to do with “noobishness”. still dont do it for my cards.

the cards teach each of us to read in the way they want each of us to read them. :slight_smile:

i can understand the benefit to doing it the way you do.

^^ no worries i wont go into other weird topics - tarot is off-topic enough.
i just wanted to check out who also loves tarot and now im also curious about that tabletop rpg inspired by it from @RanterX

Have to see if I have my notes from years ago…