Tanking Rezan?

I was browsing the Bliz forums and ran across this comment. How accurate is it, I wondered, then thought, I’ll just ask OTGers:grinning:

Pro tip, tank Rezan on the pillars near the stairs. You can kite him from one side to the other and he will run in the water, with 0 chances to spawn an add. Is basically a dummy at that point. --Dartakan

Here is the page I found this from: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769047843

Since I am still learning and trying to understand different mechanics for different fights, I try to find information where ever I can find it. So I wonder, can someone verify this on Rezan’s fight?

This is a great tanking tip and works great… as long as you can keep your DPS from running over the purple piles. The biggest issue I run into is the fixate phase when the instinct is to panic and run all over :wink:

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