Tag Requests

Please, can we add these tags? Thanks

For Playstation 5:

For X-box Series S & X:

I’ll check with the boss!

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I will add the PS5, I admit I am not really up to date on the difference between the xbox x and s. Do they need separate tags or should there just be a single tag (something like xbox-x-s)

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Xbox Series: (XBS)
S model:
4 TFLOPS (20CUs at 1.565GHz) of RDNA 2 graphics
Zen 2 eight-core processor 3.6GHz (3.4GHz with multi-threading)
S will be locked at 1440p
S will have a 512GB SSD will support same 1tb expansion drives
digital only

X model:
12 TFLOPS (52CUs at 1.825GHz) of RDNA 2 graphics
Zen 2 eight-core processor 3.8GHz per core (3.6GHz with multi-threading)
X can run games in full 4K resolution
X will come with a 1TB internal SSD, with an expansion slot for an additional, proprietary 1TB drive

Beyond all this they will play the same games so different tags are not needed I think :slight_smile:

Teraflops. Ahahahahahahaha!

Shoes! Do those come in red?

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