Synched Off-Planet codes up for grab - Steam platform ***CLOSED - CLAIMED***

Hello all, perhaps you have heard about this upcoming game Synched Off-Planet, or perhaps you haven’t. It looks to be shaping up to be an online, third person co-op shooter similar to games like The Division series, Outriders and Remnant: From the Ashes with distinctive sci-fi elements.

I have a couple Steam codes for the alpha to giveaway. These are legit codes I received from the official game Discord. Please note that anyone claiming one of these codes will be bound by the game’s NDA. First two PM’s I get requesting a code will get 'em. Please do not send a blank PM or a vaguely worded PM, but state that you are requesting one of these alpha codes for the game Synched Off-Planet. Only one code per request.

Codes have been claimed.