Sylverian Dreamer Mount

Wow, what a beautiful mount. I might have to get this one.


I got mine and it is beautiful.

I hope it will still be available next month. I’m a bit short this month.

You and I both. The only reason I got it is because I was already on the 6 month sub, so I got it when they patched.

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Well, I probably won’t get it on my account as I can only afford the 3 month sub at a time. My budget just won’t allow for it. Especially when I have to pay for RL things that are more important than a pixel mount.

…sigh…wish some of these were earn-able via game play instead.

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I noticed that the claim said it was going away on Dec something, so I think ya’ll have some time. I got an email about it, so I see they are using it as bait to play. :grin: