Sureya Dregs Campaign starts today Sept 30th at 5pm CDT

For anyone interested in trying a fresh Campaign:


Prepare for battle, as a new Dregs Campaign, Sureya, begins September 30 at 5PM CDT// October 1 at 12AM CEST and runs through October 7 at 11PM CDT// October 8 at 6AM CEST. Eternal Crows must achieve victory for their Gods before the Hunger destroys the world!

Imports: 25 // Exports: 50

To enter this Campaign you must be Level 20

Win Conditions: The faction or Guild who is able to amass the most victory points by the end of the Siege is declared the winner! To the winner go the spoils of war!

Please note: This campaign is an NA siege schedule to ensure strong player population and participation. The next campaign will return to the combined NA and EU siege schedule.


If you haven’t purchased Crowfall and are waiting on a free beta invite, they are now up to inviting beta group # 8.3.
To find out your beta group #:
a) log into your account.
b) click on ACCOUNT PROFILE in the top right under your name
c) on the side left menu click REWARDS