Sunday team clears SM Dxun

After a few weeks of running, the Sunday ops team (all OTG) cleared SM Dxun. Needless to say, we were all very excited. I will see if I can record some videos of the boss fights and post them here in the coming weeks. Our plans are to run SM for a few weeks to build some muscle memory on the SM mechanics before moving on to hard mode. In the meantime, we are looking for subs so if you are interested, please let me know.

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Please do! I can’t really play there anymore but I want to live vicariously!

Will do! The only sticking point is if my computer can handle recording the video and not degrade my game performance. I think it will be ok since SWTOR is not a difficult game to run. I was remiss in my earlier post in not recognizing the group members. They are: Tactical Hotty (Foebic) and Jonthom (Scannall) as tanks; Oskar (Bolder), Dainter, Ten of five (Irishfan) and Kaski (pter) as dps; and Technowiz and Alfeman (Brignac) as healers.

We cleared it again today and with a PUG dps no less. Scannall had the misfortune of having to deal with a burst water pipe in his bathroom and couldn’t make it today. Bolder stepped in as tank and we picked up a dps with 282 gear. We have room for subs if anyone is interested!

Here is a video of the first fight, The Pack Leader. I’m a noob at recording and publishing videos but hopefully I’ll get better at it. I only recorded the first fight. Next week, with the regular group, I’ll record all the fights and post them here. Enjoy!


Here’s the video of the “second boss” in Dxun. It’s kind of a gauntlet run. I’ll work on the next video sometime later this week.

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They blocked the video because I used a clip from Gran Torino in the intro. I’ll edit the video later and post it with a generic intro.

Ok. I made a new intro. Apparently I offended Clint Eastwood with my original one. It might have been the movie studio and the US court system too now that I think about it… ETA Apparently I’ve pissed off Warner Music Group too by using a Van Morrison song. Working on that now.

Here is the video for the second gauntlet boss in Dxun. Tech died because she had crabs. Enjoy.

Here is the video for the 5th boss in Dxun, Huntmaster. I didn’t get good video of the 4th or 6th bosses. I’ll try to get those tomorrow and post them when I have time to edit and render the videos.

Sorry to be slow getting the last two boss fights out. This is the Trandoshan Mutant Squad, the 4th boss in Dxun. A few of our team just decided to end it all at the finish of the fight. We cleared the entire instance in under an hour. Still looking for subs! Enjoy.

Here is the video for the 6th and final boss in Dxun, Apex Vanguard. It’s a long fight so I had trouble finding a song long enough and settled on Neil Young. I like him but if you don’t, nanner nanner. I suppose I could have used American Pie but I would rather have shot myself. Enjoy.