Summer Business - Calling all DMs

Okay! I’m on hiatus from now until January 1st, where I’ll be resuming Princes of the Apocalypse.

Thought I’d take some time to poke all available DMs and check up on you. Sunday night is now open for a few months. I’d still love to finish some of the campaigns I had started playing. :smiley:

In some news: Descent into Avernus is coming out very soon - put it on your lists, as I think this launch will be the big one this year. There’s even several side products.

Fantasy Grounds Unity is coming soon. As a cheap slowpoke I kinda passed on the kickstarter, but FG will be supported in the meantime. Honestly, I don’t even know if FGU will have a smooth launch or not. There’s a TON of things I’d like to see it do.

I have intense interest in either running or playing Acquisitions Incorporated, but I’d very very much prefer to finish things I’ve started.

I’ve bought myself the Essential Kit box set - it’s very good and worth the price below $30 - definitely great for starting and running a real life group. If Fantasy Grounds puts out the adventure, I am willing to run it.

If anyone wants to step up and become a DM, feel free to PM me for advice and tips either here or on Discord. We definitely could use more as more players are looking for more DMs. We should shake up some of the groups.