STO - Some changes to the Fed Fleet Bank

Hi! I’ve made some changes to the Fed Fleet bank. This is to make it a bit more flexible, and it’s not final depending on what gets deposited. The KDF bank will be adjusted eventually after we finalize things.

What should go into the Fleet Bank:

  • Only Very Rare or better items
  • Things that are annoying to hunt for with a new char: Mk XII+ purple weapons, deflectors, shields and consoles, the advanced skill books like Gravity Well III
  • Lockbox items with low credit value, e.g. some of the more common Epic Kits or Epic Consoles
  • If you see that there is a lot of one type of stuff, just sell it for the credits if you wish to donate these

It was also changed to allow high-value donations from inactive players (like Master Keys) that wish to do so, in the DONATIONS tab. Only higher ranks can withdraw from this tab so we can manage their use before one of you gets their grubby hands on them. :slight_smile:

The point of donations would be for the following purposes, for both Fed and KDF characters:

  • Help active characters with extra gear, boosts, skills or ships
  • Allow the Fleet to sell the Master Keys on the Exchange for credits to fill the Fleet Bank
  • If there is enough group activities, and sufficient donations, provide rewards for special events

Donations are totally voluntary, and are implemented on the Fed side so that we can manage it more easily.

Please concenrtate fleet project donations on the unfinished holdings, such as the Colonies on both Fed and KDF. We can have access to the Lukari Science Ship when that is done, and for free if you get Tier 6 Reputation to get Fleet Modules without Zen

Fly Safe!