STO Fed invite

Can I please get an invite to Fed Fleet?



Invite has been sent. When you join, please put your forum name in your Character notes in the roster. Then let me know when yo have accepted so you can be promoted to member level.


Thanks very much. I have added my forum name.

Character has been promoted. This thread can be marked as completed by the admins.

Or maybe not, just noticed this is in the STO forums rather than General Games invited forums.


Sorry if I did it wrong. With the labels I am not sure I’m always in the right place.

No worries. I have both forums on watch. So when I seen an invite post I sorta assume it is in the general games invite forum. And in there you normally post something like I did, so the forum admins will mark it complete. That way someone else doesn’t try to send another invite or what not.


Can I please get a invite to Fed Fleet also. My name in game is Rufels. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Rufelz you need in include your ingame @name as well. Otherwise no invite can be sent.

Rufels@reauven61 I think that’s the way it goes, thanks :slight_smile:

OK, I tried to invite what you wrote and am getting a player not found error.

Since I cannot commit to being on at any particular time to physically meet up. Lets try this. Send an ingame mail to Mithinar@ES_Champions from the character you want invited. That will give me the valid name that I can then invite with.


I sent you an in game message. Sorry for not knowing my @… It is Rufels@reauven without the 61 Thanks

All taken care of… In case you didn’t see my message due to my crashing… Please put your forum name in your Characters Roster Member Notes…


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