Still contemplating an Alt in Dragonflight?

I’ve still some alts not yet 70, a few of which I’ve gotten to the mid-60s. One still not yet started on this path. So this morning when I was browsing the news feeds I follow, I ran across this article.

I think it makes a really good case to help folks out who might be contemplating bring an alt through or just starting an alt. This information would make it much easier and streamlined over all.

Check it out and see for yourself. If you are struggling to get to 70, some tips may just help you get to the goalpost.

  1. The Azure Span
  2. Ohn’ahran Plains
  3. The Waking Shores
  4. Thaldraszus

The Azure Span is easily the most effective leveling zone for your alts in Dragonflight, as it has an absolute surplus of quests in comparison to some of the other zones on the Dragon Isles.

Completing all of the Azure Span campaign chapters, as well as all of the zone’s optional storylines, could bring your character nearly to level 70 without having to go through any other zones. Additionally, the Azure Span has plenty of fast quests that only require you to complete one or two objectives—like defeating a single named enemy near Camp Nowhere or doing a simple task in Camp Antonidas.

Here is the link to the article.

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(I’m hijacking Lyn’s post)
Fresh level 70 alt…what to do next??

Ok, if you just finished leveling your alt to 70, you have several options for gearing.

  1. You should have 5 Sparks of Ingenuity. You will be able to use these for crafting gear to the 392 ilvl range.

Gear choices should be
Neck - 1 spark
Ring - 1 spark
Trinket - 1 spark
Weapon - 1 spark each for main/off hand 2 sparks for 2hd

A) Neck should be Elemental Lariat - at this time no one in the guild can craft this (recipe is a rare drop and currently is running around 600k on the ah) If you get the mats together, you can have a public work order set to Rank 4 with a generous tip - make sure to fill out all the optional reagent slots to ensure only people qualified to make it have access to the order. People will craft it for the skill up - yours most likely will hit rank 5 from their inspiration, but since they are limited to 4 per day, the bigger tip will get priority.

If enough people want this item, I will splurge for the recipe and we can work out a payment plan for your alt army. If I just craft it for myself, i would be spending about 60k in base tips for all my alts. So if people with enough alts want it cheaper, we can work down that absurd AH price. At that point I would drop points into neck to get it to the 405 upgrade.

There is another neck JC can craft, but Ele Lariat is BiS for almost every class/spec.

Remember - whatever Neck you have, buy the item that adds gem sockets.
Rank 2 - I can craft, Rank 3 you would need to buy off AH. (Always use the lower rank first)

B) Ring - Ring of Insight, gem socket, you pick the stats, upgradeable to 405 with Primal Infusion. I can craft this.

C) Trinkets - JC has 2 they can make, they are a good replacement If Whispering Icon will not drop for you in the raid, or another Bis Trinket hasn’t dropped. These crafted trinkets take into account how many of a specific gems you have slotted and enable a special effect based on it (Haste or Vers). Also upgradeable to 405 with Primal Infusion. I can craft this also, still working out the skill tree for 405.

D) Weapons - depending on your needs, several people in the guild can craft certain items, ask in guild chat. Don’t think we have anyone in inscription high enough for 2 handed staffs. If you can craft any type of 405 weapons, please let us know.

Primal Infusions will come from the Raid for finishing it. (Drops in LFR - so be sure to do it)
They also are Renown rewards for maxing it out. So another 4 can be earned over time.

  1. Elemental Overflow - from Primal Storms - 359 ilvl all slots - upgradeable with Storm Sigils to 389. Primal Fury event gave even more Ring/Trinket options. These will be upgradeable in 10.0.7 to 392. Elemental Overflow should also be dropping in much larger quantities to help alts get a jump start to higher gear in preparation for Season 2 Raid.

  2. World Bosses - Weekly chance at 389 gear

  3. Weekly World Quests - usually gives a shot at Normal or Heroic Raid gear.

  4. Bi-Weekly World Quests - Gear as a reward will scale to your ilvl.

  5. Renown gear available from different factions. Your alts should be skyrocketing thru Renown if your Main hit Renown 20 for the alt buffs. 200% 1-10, 100% 10-20.

You should be doing all the weekly Main Renown events for maximum rep. Of all of these, only the Tuskar Soup event will continue to give maximum rep, and it happens ever 1.5 hours now. If you can, do it at least once per day.

All Gear rewards will continue to increase as you increase your overall gear score.

& If you need any 34 Slot Bags or 36 Slot Reagent Bags, plenty of us can craft those as well.

Hope this helps