Steam Sale, Fantasy Grounds, ends Mar 24

For anyone using the Steam platform for games, Fantasy Grounds is on sale, 75% off until the 24th of March. As far as I know you can sync Steam and the FG site and run it from either.

Does not look to be any discount on specific modules/add-ons, but if looking to pick up the program itself, could be worth a look.

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There is a sale up on their website as well, and it includes the beta release of Unity, for those who missed out on the kickstarter.

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Just a note for people, licenses for the original FG and for the new FGU (unity client) are separate, and Steam only has the original FG ones at the moment. The FG site has both those and the FGU ones. Also, FGU licenses are 10% off there from now until the full launch of FGU, and you can get varying discounts if you have an existing FG license.

FGU has been a looooooooong time coming, but there is a usable beta out right now, and the full release will probably be in a month or so. I’ve been hearing mostly good things about it lately (much better than a few months ago), and it adds a lot of new functionality like Line of Sight stuff (not lighting yet, but that’s on the docket) in addition to just being an update from the existing dinosaur.