Status of OTG w/in New World?

Curious what the current status of OTG is w/in New World. I re-entered after an approx 15-20 day hiatus and found of the 94 members listed in OTG Omega, w/ Governor Ollie Queen, no OTG present.

If we moved to another server w/o notification here, do the members still show as part of the guild on Maramara(?).

Am I missing something or have I coincidentally jumped on and ran around the past hour w/o anyone else online?

Thanks in advance.

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Ouch… New World died for OTG? 46 views, no response?

What server are you on? OTG is quite active on Maramma. Get in the Discord to find groups.


Wizewon I saw your post in my weekly OTG new messages.

Many players have left but there is a core hanging on on the Maramma server as Tana-Rose said. This includes some long time New world players, some long time OTG that have started more recently and some more recent OTG converts that enjoyed our Sunday coffee runs.
Recenttly some of the Diablo VI burnouts are returning.

My assessment of the upcoming expansion is that it will be very much a new game with many nice improvements. Time will tell if it puts enough fun in the game to attract a good core of players, but for the minor expansion fee I think it is certainly worth a try. If you log in during the mornings there are usually a few players on and coffee runs on Sundays at 12:30EST are usually well attended.


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Must have been coincidence. Good to hear things are still rolling hopefully I can jump back on board and hello again

Wow, I have to check on this and make sure I am on the correct server. Busy tonight but can try over weekend; will hit Discord when I’m on. Thanks for the headsup!

I just joined this guild and server on New World. I do have a 60 on another server but have not transferred. Can I get an invite to guild on Anzul?