State of the Super Group and Discussion on Invites - Please read and respond

Good afternoon most awesome of all elite MMO players :blush: We are the true Supers of OTG.

It is awesome to see our Super Group(s) growing and expanding. With all the new faces, either new to me or new to COH we have such an awesome opportunity to get to know each other, here in the forums, in Discord (with voice channels available), and -of course- in Paragon City, Rogue Isles, and Praetoria.

I want to publicly thank RanterX and Kelryth for being so awesome about invites and everything they have done to help us smoothly get our OTG SG off the ground.

We also have praise and thanks for Scoot for getting our two bases from empty space to having functional Teleporters and storage – not to mention all the generosity with free IO’s.

Now some housekeeping:

Please keep in mind our officers, including myself, do what we do as volunteers. We like doing this and are happy peoples though in order to balance out our free time vs the needs of our community we would like to open some discussion on how people feel about invites? New members to the main guild of course should get priority seating, for moves between our Main and Alt SG’s or swap outs, what is a reasonable response time? This is not about capacity, we can still link in eight more Super Groups to our Coalition brining 3000 total seats if we need worry about how many peeps we have.

Don’t forget our best way to connect with each other is our OTG channel which is cross faction and cross server. Please join it.

While on Indomitable you may use the following codes to enter our bases:

Name Owner Server Passcode Notes
Powers Inc Zep Indomitable APPLEFRITTER-4548 Elf Boy’s Base
OTG OTG Indomitable 1337OTG-10095 OTG Main
Alt 1 OTG Indomitable 1337OTG-10150 OTG Alt 1
Brimstone Conductive Man Indomitable BRIMSTONE-10141 Stonejaguar

If you want to have your base added to our list please let me know.

In other news:

We are looking for a volunteer to be our SG Group activity coordinator. I know we have had some ad-hoc teams (awesome) I am hoping we have someone in the SG who likes setting up and scheduling activities so we can continue to get to know each other.

And remember: Laid back, not too serious, no drama…all about the fun!


Since we have the global OTG chat channel, and since base upkeep is disabled, I think response time for the alt guild(s) or swaps isn’t that important, except to the person wanting it done of course. We’re all old and have learned to be patient, biding our time to seek revenge and… oh, sorry.

Much more important to get new people into the main guild quickly, since we need them to start taking the OTG superdyne and get hooked on the game. I do think it’s probably good to have the invite thread allow one to say they want an invite to a particular supergroup, or that they want to swap their main for the new character.

It’s also might be fun to add other public bases to our list, since I’m sure there are some pretty cool looking ones out there. I’ve seen two mentioned in broadcast/local chat and I don’t even pay attention to those channels in game much.

For myself, I have my currently favorite hero in the main guild, and will probably get both a villain and a praetorian into the alt guild once I decide whom is worthy from my stable.

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I would be interested in running a group 1 or 2 times a week. A TF/SF group and a badge run group. Both would need to be scheduled around my work/RL schedules and would be subject to change/cancellation at my discretion. With that said, I would like to do a group Saturday or Sunday morning and then other group a weeknight after I get home from work. The weeknight event would have to be late for alot of players though. start at 8pm PST. 1 hour for both. Maybe longer if we are having fun and want to continue.

Once the SG has enough level 50s, we could start joining the Indomitable Trials group that forms at 7pm PST. I wouldnt be running that obviously but trials are fun. And are essential to progressing the incarnate part of your hero/villan. Also, a couple trials require you to be progressed enough in the incarnate to participate. I can explain incarnate stuff to anyone needing it. I am well versed in the incarnate system.

For the TF group, we could stick to the weekly strike target. Unless we have players with too-low level characters. Then we choose what to do. And it doesn’t need to be the standard TF or SF either. There are signature story arcs that are really well done too.

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My personal SG base code is BRIMSTONE-10141 While I don’t believe it is necessary for sg members to rely on my base, anyone is welcome to visit and look around. House of Brimstone is the name of my SG.

I plan on renovating the base soon as i learn some more advanced base creation skills.

For invites, i have no input there. I will let everyone else figure that out. I only plan to have 1 character in the SG for now. Conductive Man. My 3 alts i plan to play on indomitable will be in House of Brimstone.

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Thanks to everyone who helped get the supergroups and bases up and running! My invite was processed very quickly by RanterX so thanks for that as well. Cheers!

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As for scheduled group activities, I’d love to do some group stuff with the guild but my play times run very, very late in the evening/early morning. I’m on the east coast but I’m a night owl so play mostly on west coast times. Probably even too late for some west coasters.

I was thinking it would be fun to start a static villain group with the guild, since I haven’t done a ton of that content, and maybe do that once a week if there’s enough interest and a good start time could be worked out. Other than that, I’m mostly focused on solo play and trying to get my one hero leveled up while the double XP is still going.

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Speaking of SG invites, any chance we can get an alt villain or main villain supergroup with an evil villain SG base? As sexy as “OTG Alt 1” looks below my villains name, maybe “OTG Villains” or “Get Off My Lawn” would look even better. Villains need love too!

I like the idea.

I have two concerns though.

  1. How much invite volume will this add for our wonderful Ossifers?
  2. Who is to build the neat-o red base full of lootz (not the musical instrument) and make it look good?

If we can address those…

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Well, maybe we could just allow one hero main and one villain main into the main SG. That would be cool too, assuming there’s enough room. I have no idea what the numbers look like right now, but things could settle down in time.

Actually, I was just coming here to post the idea of one hero and one villain, as my shiny new villain is just about to overtake my hero in level. I’d say one praetorean too, but since they have to pick a side at level 20, it would be kinda silly.

It’s not much, but it’s really nothing.

Name: Scraps
Owner: Scrapstorm
Server: Indomitable
Passcode: SCRAPS-10440
Notes: Scraps’ Base

You can add my base to the list as well if you don’t mind one that’s very much a WIP, it’s early days yet heh

SG name is “Cute and Dangerous” - named after my dual pistols blaster
Owned by me (@Fer) on Indomitable
Passcode is FER-10189

Ta :slight_smile:

Did somebody say Lutes?