State of Gaming 2024

Hello all!
As we close 2023 and go into a hopefully wonderful 2024, what are your thoughts with the state of gaming? We still continue to have new games the fail to reach marketing hype and games that exceed our wildest expectations. We have studios closing and talented programmers/artists/ being laid off who I hope will find new places to show off their amazing skills. Day one patches have almost become the norm along with bloated installs. And we finally had the closure of the Blizz/MS deal. More consolidation maybe? Does that really help us…the dedicated game enthusiasts?
With all this though, what are you most cheerful about with gaming for 2024 and what do we feel needs to be left behind in 2023?

My quick thoughts:

  1. Starfield was a letdown.
  2. Will they every make a truly great Warhammer game? Rogue Trader, outside of its many bugs, has received a good review.
  3. Waiting for Elden Ring DLC.
  4. MW3 was just an expensive DLC for MW2.
  5. Concern that prices may will hit $80 for new supposedly AAA titles. DLC will become more expensive.
  6. Hoping that new games studios will form with fresh ideas and that indie gaming will continue to grow.

Thank you!

Homeworld 3


I’m one of those (if there are any others) that once I’ve read a book or once I’ve seen a movie, I’m done with it. But that being said Homeworld Remastered is the only game in 30+ years I’ve played more than once… so yeah, I’m excited :grin: