State of Events: April 1st, 2022

First off this is not an April Fools Joke! I’m not that clever.

I wanted to start a post and kind of give a short update on where we are with guild events where I am leaning and get some feedback from folks and see how you all feel about what has been taking shape over the last month.

Recognition and Thanks

First off, I want to take my hat off to @techknowiz, @Awduum , @Muuhut, @manuelb and @Cottontail for their contributions this month.

Technowiz has been doing a great job coming up with ideas and taking over and organizing the Sunday Coffee Runs! I know this is a staple event for many of our members and she has been doing a wonderful job taking that over. It’s been a a blessing having that handled each Sunday Morning (my time) and seeing that tradition continue and seeing the continued guild support for it.

Awdum has been trying to get a new Sunday Afternoon program off the ground that focuses on helping members get some of the main story expeditions done that require a group. She had her first event this past weekend and it went swell. We were able to get two groups through Dynasty! If you have needs for this sort of stuff or have ideas please contact awduum. I know she’d love the feedback.

Both Muuhut, Cottontail and ManuelB have been helpful as well with the two OPR events we had this month. We had a very large turn out the first week that dwindled a little the second week we had it but overall I think we had some fun and there is definatly some potential for that to be part of our regular events if we see enough people continue to be interested in it.

I also want to thank everyone who has continued to help and donate various things for event prizes there are a few of you and for fear of leaving people out I won’t mention you by name - just know its appreciated!

I want to thank @Lynatrix, @manuelb , @techknowiz, @Muuhut and @Neyland who have all been very flexible in their ability to be swiss army knives when it comes to building expedition groups for our events. Without these guys being willing to do different things, sometimes these groups wouldn’t happen. Please join me in thanking them!

Lastly, the folks doing PUGs learning new tricks and sharing with the rest of us. We appreciate you too!

Expertise Runs

Expertise runs continue to be a staple and popular event that suprised me every day we do one. I always feel like ten minutes before the events this is it, this is going to be the one no one shows up for. Then by five minutes till we have 40 people in channel ready to go destroy some point of interests and trample some random pugs. I’m planning to continue to run these at least 2 nights a week in the coming weeks. I may shift around the third night each week and continue to do OPR and extra expedition nights. The times I think are working for everyone so the weekday stuff will continue on the same schedule everyone is starting to get used to.

Expedtions and Mutations

This is an area I could use some help on. We’ve been successful with these for awhile now and I am hoping we start to see our expertise runs pay off and get more new folks involved with the expeditions and mutations. Right now we do have a regular theme regarding personnel though and that is we have too many healers! OMG what a great problem to have. 20 years of leading raids and running events and I don’t think I’ve ever had to say that before.

I’m working to address this in two ways. I am actively recruiting new people, while I am not specifically targetting expedition ready DPS, I’m hoping that the general recruitment I am running will attract people who can fill those roles. If we can get more active DPS signing up and we can continue to see our tanks signup as they have been, then we should be able to field 3 and hopefully 4 groups in the future. Bullvyyn are you almost ready to tank with the big boys in expeditions? =D I know Manual has been wroking on it.

The other thing that everyone can do to help is continue to be flexible and understanding. I know it sucks not getting to play a role you prefer but sometimes the roster tetris dictates we need the flexible people with multiple roles in those other roles. It would also be nice to see more people make some proactive headway on functional and serviceable off-specs tanks and healers both. It would be nice to do a little more rotating of people into those roles for more practice and also so everyone can have a chance to play exactly what they want to play and not continually be stuck doing a different role just because they are a team player.

I’m not saying sit out I’m asking you to work on trying to fulfill secondary roles on an as needed basis, who knows you might enjoy it!

Feedback Desired

Honestly, I do all this stuff for you guys. I enjoy being able to provide the service and organize this stuff and if it isn’t meeting your needs or desires then my goals aren’t being met. So please if you have any feedback at all no matter how pick you think it may be I encourage you to post here or dm me! I want to hear what you have to say!


Bullvyyn is getting really close to being ready and as I flush out my gear and all it is also getting to be more fun, a nice bonus. With the investment of someone’s orb and everyone’s time I just want to be sure the tank can get the job done. This is such a kick ass group of guildy’s, it is a real honor to roll out with them. This game is getting better and better as well and I can just imagine all that will come in the future…

Orbs are cheap now and you can get them once a day from the faction vendor. The bonus for first 3 missions a day is like 5x rewards now so its really easy to get orbs now.

While I am waiting to join you guys, just an FYI. I currently have 53 unused expedition orbs. I have been saving them to help people with their expertise. I just need a company to do it with. I like to run expeditions. I will be chatting with you ingame. My ingame name is MoBadMojo. Cya ingame!

I saw you posted in the “Questions About the Application Process” thread. That’s a great start. A member of the Membership team will try to find your old account and will respond to you there. Sometimes they include a direct message so check the forums regularly the next few days till you hear back from them. It’s usually relatively quick.

In the meantime you can feel free to add me on discord: Sonickat#1250. I am a west coaster so I am not home and online until later in the evening during the week.

Even though you aren’t in covenant at the moment your welcome to go through the process get setup with permissions and what not on the forums and discord and attend events and signup for the expedition groups I host.

Right now our schedule looks like this:
Mon 8:30 EST - Guild Chest Run
Wed 8:30 EST - Guild Chest Run
Fri 9:30 EST - Guild Expeditions by Signup (Discord)
Sat 7:30 EST - Guild Expeditions by Signup (Discord)
Sun 12:15 EST - Coffee Run (Social Event) - Hosted by Techrising
Sun 7:30 EST - MSQ / Fun Social Events - Hosted by Awduum

All times are PM.

For the expeditions you can dm me in discord that your interested. I build groups based on signups usually the night before or early the day of so folks know what groups they will be in and who is on standby that day.

Did OTG’s NW server get merged again or are you all still on the same one as a couple months ago (I forget the name)? And there is no way to transfer unless AGS enables transfers correct?

If you still have a transfer token, then you will be able to transfer. Round 3 of tokens has not been given out yet.

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We are on Ohonoo NA-East there’s been 2 total merges.

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