State Of Albion Online And OTG

Hello AO players,

Barathorn has stepped down as AO Guildmaster. For the interim @Viking character will take over as GM until we discuss next steps.

~ Benbrada

Is the guild still rather active? this is my current MMO at the moment.

Lol I guess you tell us.

@Viking is seeing 2 online at a time when he logs in.

Ah, question out of all the mmos this community plays. Which would you say is the most active? I just want to play a game with people again… been basically going solo for a year in a number of mmos this year, All my buddies only play battlefield haha.

@Dalton Within OTG, for me personally, it’s the featured games; Wow, ESO and Guild Wars 2 always seem to have people on during odd hours, ESO especially.

Alright, thank you. I really enjoyed ESO for about a month but I didn’t enjoy anything in the game besides the dungeons. If I actually become a member of this place I’ll be able to see better what times people are playing.

Ah okay, guess I didn’t realize you were not a member yet. Now your activity question for Albion Online makes sense :laughing:

Almost all or all of the truly active Guild members left and formed another Guild.