Starting 8 or 16 man Raid group (Imperial)

Looking to start out in SWTOR raiding? or looking to return to the glory days when OTG had 2 Nightmare(master mode) raid teams going 7 nights a week? Either way, let’s get started!!

Looking for 8 to 16 players for 1 or 2 nights a week. Starting on Monday Nights @730pm later or earlier if needed, then perhaps add on a Tuesday evening.

The purpose is to build up skills and gear up then perhaps move to something harder.
We will relearn fights as we progress, gear and maximize our toons.

Need at least
2 tanks
2 healers
2 range Dps
2 melee DPS
Update: we have 1 melee dps, 1 healer.

Discord and Starparse use is a must to maximize communication and help you build up your DPS and healing!

Also, we can help the guild by building up conquest points and gaining reknown!

If you’re interested contact me Techknowiz#0863 for more information!