Starting 8 or 16 man progression group (Imperial)

Looking to return to the glory days when OTG had 2 Nightmare(master mode) raid teams going 7 nights a week? Or looking to start out in SWTOR raiding? Either way lets get started!!

Looking for 8 to 16 players for 1 or 2 nights a week. Not to compete with Saturday raid night.

Purpose is to build up a progressive team to work up to Master Mode raiding.

We will relearn fights as we progress, gear and maximize our toons.

Need at least
2 tanks
2 healers
2 range Dps
2 melee DPS
Update: we have 1 melee, 1 healer/ranged.

Discord and Starparse use is a must.

Also we can help the guild by holding last boss lockouts for Saturday Night raid or Sunday afternoon conquest points!

If you have any interest contact Vonos#0381 on discord.

Let’s talk tonight. I might be a little late but I’ll be on.