Starship Troopers Extermination early access

I will just say that I am having a blast playing it. I get flashbacks from the movie at times. Or maybe it is just leftovers from the 70’s coming back on me. :slight_smile:

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Just Dled it myself. Am hoping there are a few OTGers that are playing it

Kelly and I have been keeping our peepers hooked on this game. :eyes:

Glad to hear folks are having fun in it. May have to pick it up for some Memorial Weekend gaming action!

I have been having a lot of fun with it. I have both my Bastion and Operator at lvl 19, and Hunter at 12. Been playing a lot. :slight_smile:

We went ahead and picked it up. :cowboy_hat_face:

Would love to run with some guildies. We need to set a night for us to all get together and kill some bugs…

ya got my bastion to 20 and started on the hunter today lvl 5

Well if you see me on Send me an invite Ill be happy to run with ya.
(OTG) Splatt McNasty is my steam handle

I mostly just PUG it, I did notice that ever after lvl 20 you still gain xp so maybe they will let us keep it. I got over 40k on my bastion and I leveled the OP and AT to 20 as well. I am sure they are going to give the Hunter some nicer weapons. I do like the jump pack and extra speed. Trying to get the dropship as a Bastion is always a dice throw.