Been having a blast playing this game the past week. Reminds me of the some of the old space games like Wing Commander, but mixed with a bit of RTS style like MOO and others. Crazy addictive like Civilization.

Its not turn based, and it has a bit of a learning curve. But it fits in that sweet spot where its just difficult enough and fun enough that it keeps things interesting. There are depths to this game I haven’t even touched yet, like colony building, and trying to actually control (real time, still top down though) one of my ships in a battle. Basically just been killing bounties, and investigating planets and other things for coin, trying to build my fleet.

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Saw a video on that last week, looked interesting, but haven’t actually installed it yet :smiley: Busy with other things!

Unfortunately I downloaded it and played a bit thinking I would get back to what I was doing in the other games shortly, but It sucked me in. I don’t think I’ll be returning to the other games for a bit, this one is just too much fun. Aggravating, but in a challenging, not frustrating way.

Reminds me of Sid Meier’s Pirates.

Yes, I forgot all about that game. Part of the game play definitely has that feel.

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