Starfinder Dead Suns campaign LF2P, non-guild paid for game *CLOSED* full

Hello fellow tabletoppers! I am posting to see if anyone is interested in joining a Starfinder game for the Dead Suns campaign. This is a game scehduled for Saturday afternoons at 12:00 PM est. The game is being played via HeroLabs and Discord for voice. The GM is planning on a 4 person group and there are two of us joined to play so far.

Please note some specifics about this campaign

  • This is not my game. I randomly found this game browsing sites where GM’s advertise games.
  • I do not personally know the DM or the one other player.
  • This is a PAID FOR game, cost is $10 per session, with sessions being planned for 3-4 hours.
  • The GM said he is planning on running the whole campaign so it could run for awhile in the long run
  • This is not a Starfinder Society game, it is a private game run by the GM

The one other player and I have been chatting with the GM on his Discord server while we make characters and I don’t get any bad vibes from him. He’s already running this game in at least one other time slot so he is not a noob. He is familiar with the HeroLab platform and with Starfinder. Seems easy enough to get along with and is plenty helpful.

PM if you are interested in joining this game and are willing to commit.