Starfield Tips - No Spoilers

Some tips I’ve picked up in my play, in no particular order.

Encumbrance - Forget every FO4 habit you’ve ever had. You don’t need that duct tape, nor that adhesive. You will spend SO much time encumbered, it’s really annoying. Remember you have several places you can dump stuff:
Ship Cargo and Locker (both right behind your pilot seat, on either side)
Lodge Closet (this is infinite, put your resources here as you’ll be doing most crafting here)

Clear your Cargo at the Lodge! Nothing more frustrating than fighting 5 ships then having to leave crap floating in space because your hold is empty. Always leave the starport with an empty cargo hold.

Be patient - This game is glacial in its pace. For a spaceship game, you spend 90% of your time walking. Don’t be afraid to use the fast travels to hop around.

Digipicks - Quick save before trying, and solve it from inside out. Spin the rings until you know what solves the inner ring, then move to the next ring, all the way out. I’m picking Master locks with each, it just takes practice. The good news is that a) there’s no timer b) it’s not twitch like Skyrim or Fallout, and c) there’s no mystery, you can see 100% of what you need to solve it.

There are “magazines”, a la FO4, all over the galaxy that give the same types of buffs. I’m sure they 'll be on spoiler sites soon enough, but they’re fun to find.

Focus on whatever skills you want, but I highly recommend you start the Pilot tree early a lot hinges on your skill. I’ve stolen over a dozen ships, and another half dozen I had to leave behind because I lacked the skill to fly them.


On a Windows PC this is a hardware intensive game but here’s some good suggestions: Starfield PC performance: best settings, FSR 2, benchmarks, and more.

I’m running a Radeon RX 6750 XT GPU, an Intel Core i9-13900 CPU at 5.5 MHz and 32 Gb of DDR5 memory and here’s what I’m getting:


I didn’t use any of the afore mentioned settings I just let everything go to default and the only thing I have any angst about is my GPU stays pegged at 100% all the time but that doesn’t seem to have adversely impacted the temp or fan speed. The game runs smoothly like this but I may mess with settings or even undervolting the GPU to see if I can bring that down some.


I have everything on Ultra and my GPO is hitting 8%, at least according to GPU Twerk and Task Manager.

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A tip/trick I have discovered with outpost building.

On the world map from space it shows you what resources are on the planet with a color for each resource. Not all of the resources will be shown from this view. The ones that do are linked to a specific biome, the rest seem to spawn randomly in any biome. If you land near where two biomes meet it is possible to find that union on the planet with a little bit of exploration and sometimes a new landing spot.

You can move around the planet with your outpost beacon up, but not placed. In the top left hand corner of the screen it will show you, in real time as you move, what resources will be in range of the outpost to mine. If you run down the seam where the two biomes meet you can get resources from both biomes in one outpost. With a little bit of time, patience and exploration, you can have 3-5 resources in all of your outposts. If you have already placed outposts with 1-2 resources, you can delete the outpost with 100% return on your so you can move it to another, more efficient location.

I hope this helps someone and maybe we can get some more tips/tricks that we have found!

Bumping up your scanning shows you the rarer stuff from orbit, as well as on the ground. I was on a planet that said it had Titanium, but wasn’t finding it. I had a skill point to spend, put it in Titanium, and suddenly my scanner showed I was standing in the middle of a giant Titanium plate. I put down 5 extractors and my Titanium starvation went away. Titanium, Iron, and Aluminum are the things I need the most of, and I found 2 of them in the same system, so I set up 2 outposts and linked them, dumping all of one at the other, now I have 1-stop to pick them both up.