Starbases - Getting to Colony V

Hi all,

Both the Fed and KDF Colony holdings are at 12,000 out of 13,000 Colony XP.




To get Colony XP, you need to finish the different subtrack (Morale, Infrastructure, Energy) tier upgrade projects. To improve the subtracks, there are two projects, each giving 500 or 1,000 of that subtrack XP until you fill the tier and get the upgrade project.

To get the Colony V upgrade project, you just need the 13,000 XP, no need for the subtracks to all be Tier V.

The fastest way to get that last 1,000 Colony XP is to focus one subtrack and finish the Tier V upgrade project for it.

So I will start slotting two of the three available projects with both the 500 and 1,000 XP projects from one subtrack, please prioritize these. For Fed it will be Infrastructure and for KDF it will be Energy (they are the most advanced atm).

Reference on Colony projects: List of colony world projects - Official Star Trek Online Wiki

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We’re half-way there for the Fed Colony! Thanks to all the legends making it happen!


To all, and @Benbrada @Viking @Mithinar :

People are putting resources in the Energy Colony Projects on the Fed side, since it’s the top one in the list. I will let them lapse without re-slotting when they complete, because it is the only way I can change the order of projects.

So admins, please wait until re-slotting Colony projects until you can put Infrastructure projects in the top slots, if I don’t get to them in time.





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Looking good, all tracks are counting down together, I should be able to switch to the “desired” order tomorrow.

Don’t panic if there are no Colony projects slotted, I’m on it as soon as the current ones pop :smiley:

Thanks to the legends filling up the projects, maneuver complete! :smiley: