Starbases - Getting to Colony V

Hi all,

Both the Fed and KDF Colony holdings are at 12,000 out of 13,000 Colony XP.




To get Colony XP, you need to finish the different subtrack (Morale, Infrastructure, Energy) tier upgrade projects. To improve the subtracks, there are two projects, each giving 500 or 1,000 of that subtrack XP until you fill the tier and get the upgrade project.

To get the Colony V upgrade project, you just need the 13,000 XP, no need for the subtracks to all be Tier V.

The fastest way to get that last 1,000 Colony XP is to focus one subtrack and finish the Tier V upgrade project for it.

So I will start slotting two of the three available projects with both the 500 and 1,000 XP projects from one subtrack, please prioritize these. For Fed it will be Infrastructure and for KDF it will be Energy (they are the most advanced atm).

Reference on Colony projects: List of colony world projects - Official Star Trek Online Wiki

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We’re half-way there for the Fed Colony! Thanks to all the legends making it happen!


To all, and @Benbrada @Viking @Mithinar :

People are putting resources in the Energy Colony Projects on the Fed side, since it’s the top one in the list. I will let them lapse without re-slotting when they complete, because it is the only way I can change the order of projects.

So admins, please wait until re-slotting Colony projects until you can put Infrastructure projects in the top slots, if I don’t get to them in time.





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Looking good, all tracks are counting down together, I should be able to switch to the “desired” order tomorrow.

Don’t panic if there are no Colony projects slotted, I’m on it as soon as the current ones pop :smiley:

Thanks to the legends filling up the projects, maneuver complete! :smiley:


Progress on the Fed side is good, we will soon have 200K/250K XP towards Colony Infrastructure V, and therefore towards Colony V! Good job!

The bad news: we are going to run out of Colony Ore Provisions since we are going through them so fast.

Ways of obtaining Colony Ore Provisions

Please check your inventories in case you have Colony Ore Provisions, you might have accumulated a few without realizing it.

To donate, go to the Colony Holding > Coffer > Ore > Contribute

Thanks for all the support :smiley:

Almost there! :slight_smile:

Almost there!!! Thanks to the pros knocking those projects out of the park :smiley:


Phase 1 Complete

Thank you for your efforts! Next step: Upgrade Infrastructure V, it’s at the bottom of Colony Projects, under Colony World Special Projects

This will give us the 1,000 XP required to start the Colony V upgrade project! :slight_smile:

We Need More Colony Ore Provisions

EDIT: We are going to need colony ore provisions, tons of them. I posted a bit earlier in this thread about them and how to get more: Starbases - Getting to Colony V - #6 by Andargor

In the earlier post you referenced it says to put Colony Ore Provisions in the coffer… is that still true or should I put them into the Colony World Special Projects?

You can of course put them in directly if you can, at that time I was filling up smaller projects with the provisions, so the coffer was a way to allow people to contribute. Got for it! :smiley:

I’ve been putting all my Fleet Marks in the Colony World Upgrade Project; I’ve looked at the rewards for completing Morale T5 and I ain’t got any idea what all that is :yum: I don’t know what all the rewards for completing the upgrade project are either, the only reason I keep contributing stuff there is it’s a bit daunting looking at how much that project takes so I keep trying to fill it up but if y’all think I should be putting my Fleet Marks into the Morale project just say so.

Also I have over 5000 Colony Battery Provisions in my bank that I’ll probably never use all of so should I put some or all of those in the coffer? I have over 4M Fleet Credits so yeah :yum:

I am almost 75 years old so who knows how much longer I’m gonna wanna keep gaming- don’t want any of this stuff to go to waste :wink:

Hi! Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

Yeah, Colony Infrastructure V is a bit of a slog because we are gated by the Colony Ore Provisions, we only generate a bit every day, and the rest has to come from missions (I mentioned how in my Colony V post).

There are no great rewards for the other two (Morale and Energy), all we need to do is finish Infrastructure V to unlock the Colony V upgrade project, and then we are done!

The Morale and Energy projects are there to allow people to get FC, that’s about it, there’s nothing left to slot. It’s the same as with the other holdings.

So other than adding Fleet Marks to the Infrastructure V project, the only thing I can suggest is helping the KDF fleet if you wish? The Colony there is far behind the Fed one.

And yeah, if there’s space in coffers, please donate, but I think the battery one is full.

I’m confused, isn’t Infrastructure V done? I’ve been contributing to the upgrade and if I’m seeing it right that’s 68% done

It’ll be done when all of the Colony Ores (mission and daily supply), and all Fleet Marks have been donated. The bar is not full yet :slight_smile:

Snort… I did my best to get them caught up to the Feddie’s base!!!


Infrastructure Project Complete!

Thanks to our contributors! Now once this pops, we should get the actual Colony V project available, I or one of my colleagues will slot when it appears :slight_smile:



Last Project is Up!

And then we’ll be done. Next up will be KDF :slight_smile:

Only Dilithium and Fleet Marks remain to be donated for the Fed Colony! Almost there!