Star Wars Squadrons

Howdy all, Star Wars Squadrons drops this week (I thought it was later this month heh). Anyone else looking at playing this one? I’m gonna be playing it and was wondering if anyone wanted to squad up, maybe put together a static group to play it together. I’ll be playing the crap out of this for at least a month until November when Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla drop and then I’ll probably be playing more sporadically. Hit me up if you wanna squad up!

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I’m getting it. Haven’t picked up a new flight stick. WIll use mouse or an old cheap flight stick I still have. If it works.

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I have been keeping an eye on this one but am waiting for some reviews to come out before I take the plunge… EA and Star Wars don’t really go together well lately (Exception, that recent single player game, but there are always outliers).

Still, it will give me a reason to break out my old Thrustmaster HOTAS if it bodes well.

So a definite maybe from me :slight_smile:

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I bought it on Steam. I am planning on checking it out. Not a fan of PvP, but will be interested in Co-Op if I like it a bunch.

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If you coop, add me. [OTG] Zeek in steam. I picked it up for the PVP, but I’m always down for any COOP game. Love COOP. Even crappy games COOP adds fun.

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I’m definitely up for co-op, @zeek at least knows me, I am Ryukan on Origin for anyone that wants to co-op.

I won’t be on tonight, a little in the afternoon, but I have to prep for my D&D session tonight so that is going to be most of my day. I will be on a bunch this weekend.

Screw D&D. Just kill all party members in the 1st encounter and tell them you are prepping them for BG3 hardmode early access 10/6. Can’t wait.

I’ll be on a little bit tonight. Seeing if my old Logitec fligh stick works and seeing how works in VR when you are having to use a flight stick by feel only. Not being able to see is kind of a drag.

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Well I have guildies in this campaign so they would be wise to me hehe. Also we are almost halfway through the campaign and I am certainly trying to kill them, but no go so far :smirk:

Aaaaaand this damn game uses Easy Anti Cheat, which does not work with Windows Insider builds which I am running. I had this same problem with the New World preview, it also uses Easy Anti Cheat. I am more than ticked off right now, I am not reinstalling all of Windows for one freaking game.

I don’t know what Windows Insider is, but it sounds like two freaking games.

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Windows Insider is for getting the preview builds for Windows 10. But I bought the game from Greenmangaming and they don’t do refunds at all so I guess I will be reinstalling Windows if I don’t want to waste my money. But it ain’t gonna be today. Maybe this weekend, but I have to get over my irritation with their choice of cheat engine first.

Valkarov and I both have it, same names on Steam and on the OTG discord.

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For those playing, what do y’all think of it so far?

I’m gonna do a reinstall of Windows to revert to non-Windows Insider build so I can actually play the game because Easy Anti Cheat is crap. Waiting to finish up the guild applications I’m handling before doing the big reinstall…sigh just what I wanted to do this Sunday, but I suppose I was due for a fresh install, I’ve been running this install of Windows for over 3 years now. :smirk:

I bought Squadrons and have been playing it most evenings since I picked it up. Definitely enjoying it so far. I haven’t played too much multiplayer yet, but I see the potential there once I figure out the joystick controls a bit better. I also own an Oculus, so I tried it a few times in VR. I was very impressed! My handle is ThalenChase on Origin if anyone wants to team up.

It’s fun, though, so far I’ve just played through the single-player stories so have no idea what the multi-player game is like right now. That said I could see how it would be a lot of fun running in a 5-person squad.

Liking it. Haven’t played multiplayer as I’m just getting used to the controls in single player. I still have to look at my buttons for shifting shields, boost, etc. VR is cool. I can turn around and look at my droid or watch the x-wings, wings open which I can’t do in non VR. Flying the Tie is crazy cool in VR though I do much better when not playing VR. My wing mates get more kills and I have a hard time finding the targets in in VR. Unless something changes SP or coop in VR and non VR for multi.

I tried it out with keyboard and mouse. I will wait until I can pick up a hotas rig, which should make things more enjoyable!

I’m playing it…poorly, lol. My joystick apparently isn’t recognized, but I can play it with a PS4 pad (ugh). Just starting, but I’ll be lfg in the near future.

I have it, but have not played it yet. Setting up my X56 HOTAS has made me procrastinate. I will probably set it up this weekend.