Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

This looks AWESOME!!!


super awesome

Looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay video.

They should just make a movie of that. Kinda excited for the new SWTOR movie if it doesn’t have a ton of cutesy races :confused:

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I have so much anticipation for this game. The only reason I haven’t pre-ordered it yet is because I am waiting to see if it will be a game available via Origin Access. If it is available via Origin Access one could play the game for a month for $5 or $15 depending on which tier of Access it might be available for. I did this with Anthem and got to play the Deluxe version with the preorder goodies and Early Access for a month for $15. As Anthem fell flat for me within a month I saved a good chunk of change.

Haven’t seen anything yet on whether SWJFO will be available on Origin Access when it’s released or not. Almost needless to say I will just pre-order it outright if it is not going to be on Origin Access when it releases.

Are we talking single-player game here, or is this an online abomination like Anthem?

Looks great, but I’d really prefer to make my own character like Mass Effect/Dragon Age.

Single player I think. I have a feeling itt will be the best star wars game since the KOTOR series unless EA screws it up somehow.

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Yes it’s single player, I haven’t heard a peep about any multiplayer parts and I’d be more than fine with no multiplayer.

I agree with you Deadeye, I would have preferred to be able to design one’s own character at least in appearance. I’m actually a bit surprised that they decided to go with white male protagonist in this era of social justice, virtue signalling, being “woke” ect. Being a straight white male I have no problem with the design of the playable character and I expect to start hearing backlash about that at any moment and surprised again that haven’t seen any outcries about it yet. At the very least they should have gone with the option to be able to choose a male or female protagonist.

More choices is always a good thing! :slight_smile:

It’s for pre-order on steam now.

cool. I’ll wait a couple years though. Just to make sure there are no mtx or loot boxes added after launch.

I would have pre-ordered this, but EA went and added it to the Origin Access service so I am gonna just sub to that and play it. I see no DLC planned for this game given the lack of a Season Pass and I don’t care about the pre-order stuff. If it takes me longer than a month to play through it, I guess I’ll sub to Origin Access for another month.

hmm thats a good idea, I never shought of that…lol

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