Star Trek Resurgence

OH…MY…Stars and Garters!!! PURE GEEKGASIM!!!
I just finished it , and if you are a Star Trek fan I would say get this game! It has been one of the best storytelling games I have played in a looooong time. The voice acting was great (I think) and while the graphics seemed a bit dated I was hooked.
They play style was more like those “Choose Your Path” storybooks I read as a kid, you know read a few pages and then you are given a choice on how to react or what to say. It also had mini games that helped advance the story. Something would happen and you had to make a choice in what you say or what you do AND it effected how the people around you treated you as the game when on. Don’t get me wrong, there was combat that in It, and sneaking and skulking. It was like watching a true Star Trek movie and deciding at certain points which way the movie goes. This is one of the few games, and best Star Trek games I have played in a long time., I just finished it and I am ready to start over again.

I am a few hours in and loving it.
Great story telling game.