Star Citizen, Invictus Week/Free Fly

Greetings all,
From May 19-30 there will be special free fly and return of the annual military expo, called Invictus Week. There’s been decent update and they starting to get Mining and Trading some love.
Build an account prior to start as some of the ship rentals, they’re free too, are only supposed to be for 48 hours and I think only during the manufacturer’s 2 days on display. Use a guildie’s referral code to get some extra credits if you decide to get a basic package. I suggest the cheapest package, the $45 Aurora MR Starter Pack. That’s if you like what you see and want to play it. This is a chance to play without any strings and test a lot of ships for free without grinding.

Oh, my ref code is STAR-G47X-FM3N. Don’t have to use mine. Here’s the link to the guildie randomizer for referral codes. OTG Referral Code Randomizer (Responses) - Google Sheets

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