Star Citizen Free Fly is LIVE! Try the game out for free!


The Star Citizen Free Fly event for October / November is live!

To try out the game for free, first create an account using one of the codes from the Old Timer’ Guild Referral Code Generator:

Then go to the following page and follow the instructions to activate your Free-Fly and download the game!

Thank you for sharing this, I signed up and will download it tonight!

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Let us know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

There’s no official tutorial right now, so you might want to watch this video which goes over the basics:

For anyone flying this week, I want to try and get an Org event going…details coming soon.


I think I ran out of credits for claiming my ship so many times. So many random explosions!

You only burn credits claiming you ship if you insist on a “rush” delivery.

You do not consume credits if you wait the minimum timer. Can always hop on another person’s ship in the meantime.

It’s funny that you say that because the game says 0 credits for expedited, and then I saw after about 5 times that it was deducting money.

Weird, whenever I claim a ship the Expedited button has a price around 5k or so, depending on the ship.

At least money is ridiculously easy to earn this patch!