Star Citizen Activity


I just wanted to drop a quick line to recognize that we are getting a bit more activity within this little group, which is growing.
We have seen a few new members and a few returning old members. With this in mind I am going to start planning a few Org Ops again like we started doing a couple of years back. Some contests with prizes, some get togethers, some combat training for those interested, some bounty hunts and some shared income cargo runs.
I am out of town for a conference all this coming week, but will be ready to organize some activities as soon as I get back

In the meantime, it would be a good idea to get everyone’s typical play times. Please complete the following survey in order to facilitate scheduling events in the near future:

Thanks all, looking forward to flying with you soon

See you in the verse!


Is flying easier now?

Easier than when/what?

It still takes skill but it is pretty straightforward

I played about a year ago and the risk of crashing on landing made even delivery quests undoable. Just wanted to know if it has changed.

I’m looking forward to it!

Flying seems pretty easy to me. They changed the HUD a few months ago. I started playing regularly in July of 2020 and would crash a lot but eventually got the hang of it. I use a keyboard & mouse.

Just getting settled back at home, celebrating Fathers Day with my boys.
I have looked over the results and have a good idea of what people prefer to do in game as a group. The results were almost unanimous across the board which works out great.

I will leave the survey form active for another couple of days then will start working out some times and events later this week.

Looking forward to flying with you all again soon!

See you in the verse.