Star Citizen 3.19

Hello Everyone!
Yeah I know, I have been a bit quiet here on the forums. I blame the ease of just dropping into Discord to chat with you all. But I wanted to stop in here in the forums and drop a note to anyone who might still be listening.

So, 3.19 dropped along with the Invictus week celebration in game which of course features a free flight for anyone looking to try the game and a couple of new ships to check out.

Invictus is worth getting into the game to experience for a few fun reasons.

First you get to walk around on the largest capitol ship in the game, the Javelin. This is a military ship, currently not available to players, so getting to check it out is a treat.

Then you have the fireworks show, and even though this is fireworks in a game, it is very impressive to see. Flying a Drake Cutter through the shower of colored sparks is a sight.

Finally there is the convention hall where you get to walk around and see each ship close up. It is set up like an actual convention with swag to purchase and marketing for in game manufacturers.

But wait, there’s more! (in my best TV infomercial voice)
Alpha 3.19 also brings new features including salvage…

and missions…

and a New Player guide to help, well, new players get into the game:

and all sorts of fun stuff.

It is a patch like most others, with its share of bugs.

But I have to say, the sight of the redesigned Lorville at night when flying over in a Fury is pretty amazing.

Check it all out at the RSI website and hopefully we will see you in the verse!

Be sure to connect with us on Discord too :slight_smile:


So much has changed since I bough the game on the kick starter. was going to jump in once they release it out of early access.

I’ve been playing 3.19 on Live all week and it’s been fantastic. I’ve had fun on bunker missions, salvaging, even tried a trade route run in a C2 that earned me 5M aEUC in a few days. The Fury is a cute little fighter, fits in a lot of the ships, and finally we got to see the Lynx too.

The Lynx is exactly what I wanted it to be.
A luxury car for travelling between exclusive parties planetside.