Stanton System Only

Ok so haven’t played this game in forever . Mostly computer wasn’t really capable . I now have a new computer and downloaded the game but I only can visit Stanton System and I’m in a run down area. Is there something simple I’m missing I have no ship access or even see where you can choose to be somewhere else in game .

Well seeing as how its your first time in awhile, you had to pick a starting point. Im guessing Loreville on hurston based on your description. All landing zones are dressed out the same. You need to find a subway system that goes to the starport. That will let you use a fleet selection terminal and you can get off planet to a better one. There is hurston with Loreville city, Arccorp with A18 city, I would recommend Arccorp because it has everything you need and you dont have to worry about environmental effects. But all the landing zones have the same basic design. A starport well away from the city where you log in, a subway system to travel around and shops for equipment and ship buying. Get on Discord in the Star Citizen channel and we will help you out.

Thank you , very much ! Ok found out how to get to ship area on subway finally . They don’t make things easy do they…

Definitely a learning curve.