Standard vs. Deluxe

Welp, the Amazon version has the same stuff as the Steam version and frankly it was so long ago that I preordered that I have no idea what that Amazon version might have promised (and the page is no longer there so I’m guessing I wouldn’t get it anyway). Cancelling it. lol

Easier said than done, it seems. I can’t get the cancel button to work. Sat there for literally two hours and nothing happened. Darn you, Amazon!!!

Well, then looks like you might need to call their customer service then to cancel it and get it off your ordered page. Wish it had been easier though.


Back when I thought I was gonna play Sword of Legends Online as my current MMO instead of New World, I cancelled my Amazon order and it didn’t seem to do anything either, but when I went back through my digital orders it showed it as cancelled.

I’ll just wait and see what happens and get a refund if needed.

Yes, that’s what I get now as well. The original delivery mechanism (and what was used in one of the earliest alphas) was an Amazon Games downloader. Steam is a much more recent change for them.