Stadia just took two to the head

The video title says it all.

Yeah, the business model really is terrible. I dislike the licensing model (e.g. Steam) to begin with, but Stadia is like the worst of both worlds: not only are you paying full price for the right to play the game (and not own it), you are paying an additional monthly fee to maintain that right. You’re locked into that monthly fee forever unless you don’t mind losing access to the rights you’ve paid for.

I hope cloud gaming becomes feasible, but I want a way to actually own the games. I’d rather host the streaming myself, or pay a fee for a cloud provider to do it for me. But let me own the games.

Hopefully this will make it easier to stream Xbox game pass ultimate on pc to my steamLink – so far it’s the only launcher that doesn’t play well. I was able to get a deal for less than $6 a month too.

oh, f stadia. :smiley: