Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers Game Reveal At E3 On June 10th!

Call me Giddy! Go ahead @RanterX I dare ya :slight_smile:


Probably not a mobile game. I posted here since most of the Marvel gaming people hang out here :smiley:

About the only thing you can say in a news vacuum is…hmmm.

Oh wow! From Square Enix? I’m excited. I hope they release a PC version.

Who is Giddy? Never met 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well not the best I had hoped for but that being said I pre-ordered on PS4 for any exclusives.

It seems like the PS4 Spider-man game for The Avengers. Still too little known. Maybe gameplay videos will eek out of E3 as it was playable at the event.

are you saying they revealed this on June 10 or are you saying its available as of June 10? I am not able to find it available.

It was revealed on the 10th.

Current projected release date is 15 May 2020.