-Spoiler Alert- Hunter Masks

Who wants to kill the Hunters and take their masks?

As some of you might already know, there are hunters in Division 2 like there were in Division 1. However, this time around, we have to call them. If you can find them, which is in the article that is attached, and then actually beat them, you can get 1 of possible 12 masks. I am assuming they can be worn but they are also hung on the wall in the lower section of your White House. Do not read the below article if you want to find on your own the location and action to call the Hunters.

So far there are 10 of possible 12 hunters found. I am a huge mask fan of Division 1 and I am going to get these masks as well. Who wants to help me find these hunters and kill all of them??

-Spoiler Alert - How To Get Hunter Masks

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You have to stop downloading naughty stuff, your wife is going to get wise to what you are doing :stuck_out_tongue:

MASK is naughty stuff? Huh?

I bet I could find something to make it bad… but I’ll resist the urge to do so :slight_smile:

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