- a documentary about space games


Sooo, I’ve been working on something, for the past few years actually. It is, as the title says, a documentary about space games, so maybe some of you might be interested. You can find a trailer here (it has subtitles):

We are still doing some polishing, but the main work is done, so the release will be soon™.


Cool, keep us informed


Wow, nice project. I had played many of those games including the C= version of Elite with it’s crazy prism dongle! I enjoyed to stroll very much!

Thank You…

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We have a date and a venue for the premiere, which will be on the 23rd of August. And we’ll have our own little place at the Indie Arena Booth (hall 10.1, A-20) during Gamescom, so if you’d like to see scenes from the movie or just have a chat with us, feel free to visit. :slight_smile: The film will be available here after the premiere:


It is done! :wink: We finally had our premiere, which was just awesome! The feedback was great and it couldn’t have gone much better. Of course, after all this work and stress, I became sick and will definitely go to bed in a few minutes, but I am very proud to present to you what has been the work of two dudes over the course of three and a half years. :slight_smile:

1 Like is available on Steam now. :slight_smile:

In other news: would you mind taking part in a little survey for me? It would help me understand how to distribute the film better. is available for free now. Read more in a new thread.