SoTA went Free to play? Any catches?

I noticed it went free to play and I was wondering if there were any catches or limitations.

I had some high hopes for Richard making his dream game coming off of the unfortunate Ultima 9 so many years later. Can anyone summarize if he’s succeeded on his own terms or not?

Is it more like an Ultima game or a traditional DikuMUD MMORPG?

SotA is very much an MMO. It is best to think of it as an ultima online successor .


  • Very Nice Housing System
  • Skill based character system (No Classes)
  • Nice sand box elements (Can create your own dungeons etc)
  • Best gear is crafted (Complex crafting system but very random and grindy)
  • Interesting Combat System (You can just slot skills in hotbar with cooldowns or you can build a more random skill “deck” or you can use a hybrid of the two systems)
  • Regular updates - They release a new update every month so the game stays pretty “fresh”
  • No catches on free to play. You can play all areas/quests, level your character, get a house, etc without spending a dime. Cash store lets you buy premium currency which you can use in game to get cosmetic items for your appearance and to decorate your house. However you can also get the premium currency from player vendors for in game gold. It’s just much slower to grind out the in game gold than it is to spend cash for the cosmetic items if you want them.


  • Quest system is poorly implemented (The quest journal is REALLY bad)
  • No really complex strategic boss fights (Bosses look cool, have lots of health, and hit hard, but none of them require super complicated team work to beat. Just variations on keep everyone healed and dps the boss until it dies)
  • Communication from devs - The dev team has started doing daily 2+hour twitch streams which is where most of the info on upcoming changes is relayed. If you don’t want to kill time watching these streams you just find out about things that people who watch the streams post on the forums.
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