Sorry I'm late posting this: Cross Faction guilds alive 5/2/2023

Oh! Never mind. Thought this was something they brought out last year. :grimacing:

How is the cross faction guild thing working out. Does OTG do much of it?

Mac just posted perhaps our first one that I’m aware of. It shows up in the game roster w/Horde icon but other than that nothing really that obvious.

Bliz set up some restrictions but I still don’t know all those yet. You’ll need to check the announcement from them to see those.

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There are still many layers for them to unravel before this is 100% optimal but it is a good start.

We already had cross-faction raiding and you had to jump thru hoops in order to join either being Battlenet Buddies or join a cross-faction community first.

Cross-Faction Guilds finally allows you to have both Alliance & Horde Toons in one guild. You have access to the Guild Bank & Guild Crafters, but still can not form any world content groups, only Raid/Dung instances.

You are limited to the players on the battle net connected servers so as of now Anvilmar and Kul-Tiras are still not connectable.

But the main benefit is if your a player who likes grinding toons for the heritage armors or doing all the available stories offered to both factions (BFA 3 zones Alliance & 3 Zones for Horde) while still being able to chat with your friends in Guild Chat, this works out great.

Its a start and I would think they will continue to roll back restrictions as they are able.



It sounds like a fun part of the game. There are times when Cooperation can come in handy, like when Blizzard removed faction tagging of bosses.

Thanks, Mac! Mid