Someting I miss from the old forums that isn't on here as far as I see

What I miss is the shoutout box when logging into the old forums. I would like to see that or something similar on this forum if possible


Hello Senzoba!

I know the shout box was a very popular feature on the old forums. If I recall, that is not a feature we could implement on Discourse. However, things are always changing, so I will get with tech to see if this is now available.

As an alternative, Discord text channels work great for this. You can get someone’s attention, chat in real time, and/or essentially leave notes, as messages are not deleted and are maintained for historical purposes.

I concur that was an awesome little chat room.

I looked into the chat box idea with admin and it is not something we can implement.

As we already have a chat room feature available, please continue (or start if you’re new to Discord!) to use Discord to do these shout outs to your friends and the OTG Community at large. Encourage others, get that really hopping like the shout out box was in its prime!

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Please continue to share!

Thank you @Senzoba for reaching out.

Hey Senzoba, how you doin? :wave:

Wheres the link for the discord?